conciergerie capestang

Captaincy or Concierge services

-Personalized reception,


-Booking of restaurants,

-Booking of shows,

-Preparation of the refuelling,

-Supply of water and electricity,

-Access to showers, WC, laundry,

-Free Wi - Fi.

The creation of a genuine 'Concierge' service is response CEPP boaters looking for quality services, varied and innovative benefits.

Mobile services of cleanlinessservice mobile propreté

-Removal of floating boats,

-Pumping by mobile means of grey water and black water wastewater,

-Special solid waste recovery,

-Removal of waste on board.

Station «River Services»

-Maintenance and repair of boats,

-Sale of hardware equipment,

-Supply of fuel.entretien peniche

Winter services

-Security safe

-Package of wintering for the maintenance of fresh water, waste water and diesel tanks.