Port of Moissac 2019 rates

Short duration
Length in metres

Price per night


with water and electricity
without tax (value tax = €0.20)
without surcharge community

0-9, 99 M €7,00
10 M to 14.99 M €9,50
15 M 23.99 m €13,00
more than 24 M €20,00
Boats Hotels €35,00


Medium and long durations

On Port Canal
: Week package with water and electricity: the 7th night free HT stay,

On the Tarn (wharf or pontoon floating): Week package with water and electricity: 4th night free HT stay,

The monthly low and high season package is established on the basis of a 6 months contract for each category of boat.

Ancillary services
  Tariff incl. VAT
Water According to volume bands €1,00 to €5,00


Daily package for boater €4,00
Supply by meter unit €0,20

Black water

Package for boater

Showers By shower €2,00
Laundry By washing €5,00
Dryer By drying €5,00
Fuel Price per litre of GB variable next evolution purchase price €1,60