The diagonals of spring - April 30, 2014, to May 11, 2014

Events in the Hérault


Wednesday, April 30 to Sunday, may 4

Singing Hildegard von Bingen workshop
Intervening Marcel Pérès
Holy, visionary, healer, composer, everything seems to have been said about Hildegard von Bingen, yet much remains to be discovered on this woman, his writings and his music. In addition, on October 7, 2012 it was proclaimed doctor of the Church, which deeply changes the approach that one might have of his work. Previously she appeared like a weird character, even more than his music and his writings on medicine had strong interest in the environments listed in the 'New Age' movement. Today the situation is quite different, because his life, his knowledge and... his music reveals a basic education in the knowledge of what the Church can transmit.
Thus Hildegard, 35th doctor of the Church, the 4th woman to be elevated to this distinction, after Catherine of Siena, Teresa of Avila and Thérèse de Lisieux, is also the first composer whose music is officially recognised as a major education.
Herein lies the marvels of this story. It took until nine centuries that Hildegard reveals the full power of his teaching. This 12th century woman has something very important to the world today.
This session is open to all those who want to discover or deepen the music of Hildegard, particularly in its liturgical dimension. These songs resonate in their fullness when they are sung by women. This session is aimed specifically at women, it may be followed by men who want to know this directory, however, they should not participate in the end of course concert.
Educational cost: 130 € + €30 of membership in the association Organum

Sunday, may 4
3 p.m.: lecture by Marcel Pérès
"The music of Hildegard von Bingen: what teaching for the man of today? ''
Space Prosper Mérimée - Library

16 h: CONCERT choir of the CIRMA
Hildegard von Bingen: Celestial Harmonies Symphony
Abbey of Moissac (single tariff: €10)

From Wednesday 7 to Sunday, May 11
Singing Byzantine workshop
Intervening Frédéric Tavernier-Vellas
Byzantine music is the direct heir of the ancient music of the Greece. It has fertilised multiple traditions musical both in the East than in the West.
Byzantine chant courses are accessible to all favouring, oral transmission of songs on learning of the reading of the written tradition. The course of Byzantine chant, this year, we will be browse a selection of beautiful hymns of the byzantine liturgy, extracted from the hymns of great lent (Katanyktika), the Akathist to the mother of God, or the liturgy of the dead.
Educational cost: 130 € + €30 of membership in the association Organum

Sunday, May 11
3: 00 pm: CONFERENCE by Frédéric Tavernier-Vellas
"The Byzantine song." -
Space Prosper Mérimée - Library

16 h: CONCERT of Byzantine and singing Chant Corse
Abbey of Moissac (single tariff: €10)

Information and reservation:
Association Organum - 1 rue - BP 50019 - Abbey 82 201 MOISSAC Cedex 1
05 63 05 08 02

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