Moissac chasselas grape AOC

Regional products in the Tarn et Garonne

Chasselas is the name of the grape variety. The grape resulting therefrom is early maturing, tasty fleshand juicy grain . Its delicate dress Golden and mate, called bloom, the windscreen of elegance on the tables of prestige. In his country of origin, the prestige is offered to all, and tasty aromas of crisp Chair earned him an AOC.

Marginal in farms first at the beginning of the 19th century, the culture of the chasselas took over in addition to place. A culture for family consumption, the chasselas grape production has intensified, trade is organized.

Thanks to the chasselas grape, the town of Moissac has become in the 19th century, a clearing-house mechanism important. A daily market stood under the Halle de Paris, place des Récollets, where took place the sale of grapes between producers and shippers.

Waterway, then railway, the transport of grapes has ensured the prosperity of the city. The phenomenon is that grow... making the grape chasselas prince of holdings.

Le chasselas de Moissac, raisin AOC


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