Environmental approach


By the variety and the importance of its dating, the port area of the Uvarium in Moissac must implement means ofan environmental policy effective and in accordance with the water and environmental regulations.

Based on the know-how, expertise and experiences of Veolia Environnement environmental management, feedback the CEPP intends to treat especially the cleanliness of channel management and educational support to educate boaters to good practices and good environmental management rules.

The CEPP offers an environmental management policy to contribute to the activities of the port area of the Uvarium dynamics in Moissac along three axes:

Compliance with the requirements regulatory Harbour environmental

The CEPP will ensure the good compliance by boaters, the internal regulation of port space in articles related to the environment.

Including it will ensure the cleanliness of the Harbour, in particular with regard to hazardous materials, as well as the principled water and electricity use.

The action plan «cleanliness of the Uvarium at Moissac.

The CEPP has implemented an action plan particularly strengthened in the field of cleanliness of the canal and the river, in a triple objective of attractiveness, image and public safety.

This action plan is available in three areas of intervention:

-The waste management at the dock, especially in periods of high attendance,
-Management of the boats on the water,
-The management of the risk of oil of the plans of water pollution.

The "Environmental Communication" action plan

The actions that will be carried out and organized in terms of environmental communication are:

- The establishment of a Charter of the Boater, an individual commitment of the user tool,.
- Communication and awareness of users and stakeholders, educational and pedagogical lever.