Conduct at the escale

The risks related to navigation and boating are many on the Tarn, including on the Canal of the two seas, yet deemed so calm. Unfortunately, each year we identify still too many accidents recklessly... This is why we chose to recall some essential elements and code of conduct for navigation on inland waterways in the joy and good mood.

Each captain must strictly respect the speed of 3 km/h at the port. Upon entry into the channel, it must take into account weather conditions before embarking in windy, because it makes a hard landing with the risk of damaging other vessels nearby.

Before you dock your boat, be sure to check that you are not on a site already reserved or assigned to another use (fuel pump, pumping sewage, peniche of passenger station).

As security for all of the users of the port, each boat entering the port area must be able to navigate with all the elements of security compliant (except in exceptional cases of failure). In this case, prevent the port captaincy before your arrival.

Once docked at the port, the captain must report to the captaincy of the port, with the following documents: papers of the boat, valid insurance.

Our agents will be present to place you according to the availabilities and vacant plots. They can also provide you with any information for your stay in our ports.

Wishing you a pleasant stay among us.