Abbey Saint Pierre

Religious heritage in the Tarn et Garonne

Meets the river Tarn and the first slopes of Quercy, the legend attributes to Clovis the Foundation of a monastery at Moissac ... Of that distant era that remain legend, and sad stories of destruction.

The attachment of the Abbey of Moissac to Cluny agenda actually an Abbey of prestige. On the paths of Santiago de Compostela, the whole abbatial Saint Pierre and the cloister are classified in the world heritage of the UNESCO.

The Abbey of Moissac knows his Golden XI and 12th centuries. From this prolific period date the cloister, the Church with its Portal, the eardrum and its Romanesque sculptures.

These architectural and ornamental realizations, witnesses of the cultural flourishing, compete refinement with the illuminations of the manuscripts in the library of the monastery. These manuscripts, produced by the scriptorium, the monks writing workshop, have been repatriated to Paris by Colbert in the 17th century.

Abbaye Saint Pierre

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