Welcome to Moissac, city of Art and history

In the heart of the Pyrenees, in the South of France, the space port of the Uvarium, located on the territory of the town of Moissac, offers an exceptional stop for all boaters who navigate on the Lateral Canal of the Garonne and Tarn.

Located only a few tens of kilometres from the towns of Montauban and Toulouse, the port area of the Uvarium invites you to walk the path of "water stone" giving access to contrasting landscapes rich in history and architecture.

The Abbey of Saint-Pierre de Moissac, which houses from the 12th century two great masterpieces of Romanesque sculpture (Portal of the Abbey Church and all the capitals in the cloister, classified the UNESCO heritage), the structures of the aqueduct and the Pont Napoleon, passing by the Art-Deco of the old quarters of Moissac architecture, you will discover a remarkable architectural heritage as well as traces of a rich history.

The town of Moissac, and thus the port area of the Uvarium, is located on les paths of Santiago de Compostela. For the pilgrims from the Puy-en - Velay by the former Roman road "Via podiensis" today trail GR 65, the first major step is marked by the arrival in the centre of Moissac.

At the level of activities, you can drip onthe basin of the Tarn to the joys of water sports (rowing, canoeing, kayaking, water skiing, surfbike), as well as the pleasure of a walk on foot, bike or horse on many hiking routes traversing Moissac and its surroundings. For fishing enthusiasts, the CARP alongside the catfish and roaches.

The attractiveness of this territory would be complete if it did not speak of the terroir and its gastronomy. Land of abundance, favoured by the climate, the territory of Moissac is renowned for its grape of exception, Chasselas AOC, and cherries. Chasselas is available in fresh or sparkling juice, jams, appetizers, sorbet or confectionery. Many restaurateurs combinethe freshness of the Chasselas with the flavours of the cuisine of the Southwest: duck Magret, foie gras fees, etc.


An annual event not to be missed the 3rd weekend of September, the feast fruits named "Chasselas and terroirs en fête".

Venue every Saturday and Sunday morning on the market of Moissac, to rich local colours, to discover the flavors of Tarn et Garonne: fruits, vegetables of the season, traditional jams, condiments, etc.


Feast of the boaters on the Tarn at Moissac - August 30, 2014, to September 1, 2014


from 30/08/2014 to 09 01, 2014

3 days of celebration organized by the captaincy of Moissac

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